MetaMeta is a business software platform.

It can help you move toward a One-Stop-Shop for all your enterprise information needs

Our approach is hyper-rapid. That means it comes to you virtually risk-free.

And the platform complements the approach in being nimble, secure, simple and user-friendly.

MetaMeta's visibility is unsurpassed.

Offering a growing collection of user-facing services in the cloud, MetaMeta can just as easily start entirely private.

Regardless, the business arrangement remains subscription-based and is completely elastic.

metameta your enterprise
Enables your entire workforce including contractors Serves as a shell on top of your IT assets Bridges gap between what is available and what is needed
Jane Doe President ABC Inc. Day-1/Hour-1: Get Your Direct Reports Aboard Rest of Day-1: Sit back and Experience Real Time Enterprise And Beyond: Choose Options * Set Priorities * Monitor Performance
server workload user interaction
Authentication Authorization Audit Trail Encryption
Expand Collapse Familiar Interaction Bare-Essential Content Relevant Action Buttons
Context- and User-Sensitive Interface
Consistent Easy to Use Personalized Close to Real World
Right on your home page Select a row / column to plot graph Drill down anywhere in your domain Launch Full Query WorkBench Swap rows and columns Replace Dimensions Apply Filters
Standardizes Business Vocabulary Promotes Enterprise Management
users services periods cost/usp
Internal Services External