MetaMeta is a business software platform.

It can help you move toward a One-Stop-Shop for all your enterprise information needs

Our approach is hyper-rapid. That means it comes to you virtually risk-free.

And the platform complements the approach in being agile, secure, simple and user-friendly.

MetaMeta's visibility is unsurpassed.

Offering a growing collection of user-facing services in the cloud, MetaMeta can just as easily start entirely private.

Regardless, the business arrangement remains subscription-based and is completely elastic.

The Difference will be Obvious
Rock-Solid Business Foundation
Agile Micro-Service Architecture
metameta your enterprise
Enables your entire workforce including contractors Serves as a shell on top of your IT assets Bridges gap between what is available and what is needed
Authentication Authorization Audit Trail Encryption
Expand Collapse Familiar Interaction Bare-Essential Content Relevant Action Buttons
Context- and User-Sensitive Interface
Consistent Easy to Use Personalized Close to Real World
Standardizes Business Vocabulary Promotes Enterprise Management
Right on your home page Select a row / column to plot graph Drill down anywhere in your domain Launch Full Query WorkBench Swap rows and columns Replace Dimensions Apply Filters
server workload user interaction
users services cost/usp
Jane Doe President ABC Inc. Day-1/Hour-1: Get Your Direct Reports Aboard Rest of Day-1: Sit back and Experience Real Time Enterprise And Beyond: Choose Options * Set Priorities * Monitor Performance
Powerful Technical Infrastructure